The No of the Others


We all live in a very surreal world right now. The borders are closed. We stay where we’re registered. We’re set back on ourselves. This Easter takes place in very small circles and the usual great family gatherings have been cancelled.

What is Easter about?

Sure Jesus died and three days later he rose again. They (the church institutions) also say that Jesus died on the cross for us.

I’ll leave it at that, otherwise we’ll end up in an endless chain of arguments and won’t pull out anything helpful for us today. Instead, I’ll look at this statement with you from a philosophical point of view.

Death is always an end of something and holds a simultaneous new beginning. Something goes and something arises. Death interlocks, from one state of being to another. So at the moment of death everything is contained. The end and the new state. This moment is absolute perfection in itself. The highest being that we can attain.

Death is very mystical, because nobody knows what happens afterwards. What happens to our spirit? Which way does our soul go? Are there ways or is what we call soul the perfect construction of millions upon millions of synapses of our brain? When they cease to function, does our illusion of existence come to an end? We do not know. But we will all experience it. All of us, without exception.

We experience this moment and get clarity about what exactly life is. In the moment of death we reach the most perfect level of being from the union of end and beginning.

So death is something very positive. It gives us the last great answers to human existence. We all receive them, individually. No one is able to return and tell what happened to our loved ones. But everyone will have this experience for himself.

Why is someone dying for us?

I’ve been asking myself that question for days and I don’t understand it. What is the message behind it? Who put it up?

I’ll try another way.

What’s dying for us? I can’t put myself in the year 33 AD. I don’t know what it was like back then, the laws, the cultures. The written account of Jesus happened 300 years after his death, under Emperor Constantine. I can only guess what the spirit of the times was like, even less do I know the methods for taking stock of a human life that existed 300 years before.

That’s why I’m asking..:

What should die for us today so that a new beginning can be made?

I have great respect for answering this question, as it can hardly be explained in general terms. Everyone has other matters of the heart through personal experiences and environments, through upbringing and the formative events, which lead us to new beginnings.

Nevertheless, I dare to find a general basis that could affect us all. Which elements would have to pass away for us to grow unhindered? What else prevents us from doing what our heart tells us to do?

Phrases like, „Habits hold us back!“ „We think in classifications!“ „Our plans prevent our lightness.“ All this is true, but all these things do not have the great life-changing „aha effect“ we are looking for.

We should let the people who say „NO“ to us die in the figurative sense. So a big YES! happens to our own lives. All those pejorative and contemptuous people who cannot give love to themselves will never give love to us. They simple cannot. So why do we still want to get attention, especially when there is nothing to get?

Let us end the fight

Let’s stop fighting against what’s saying „NO“. It’s a pointless fight.
Let all the „no’s“ in our lives die and devote ourselves to the great YES of a new beginning!

Let us let go of all our inner „no’s“ which are present themselves in prejudices, rejections, denials, jealousies, dramas, tears, fights and accepting the world as it is for the moment.

„There are so many ways in, but the only exit is up to you,“ said my dear quarantine neighbor, Karoli.

We spending too much time trying to get attention from people or things who simply won’t say yes to us.

The no to no!

What am I basically letting die? Everything that keeps us in a self-made prisons, where we contaminate the world in a pejorative and condemning manner, which is create from a self-constructed illusions, resentment and malice. Consciously or unconsciously. That fight is not longer yours.

Let us be strong and concentrate on the people who say yes to us!

It takes at least two to wage war and only one to make peace!

That’s why we let all the „no“ in our world go and move the „yes“ closer to us step by step!

I, too, have said a big NO in my life and through it an even bigger YES to myself! I do not take the „no“ of others personally and leave it with those who said it. I rather look at it with love and see the suffering behind it, than suffer from it oneself.

Those who have no access to their own suffering cannot recognize the suffering of others. .

Sometimes it is wiser to go and be the creator of your own path, then following others without sense. From the „no“ of others to the YES of self. And then quite honestly, I see my own contribution back there and finally, I recognizing my true self.

I guess, that’s what Easter is all about