Maavi from Mars

Maavi from Mars

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Your big blue eyes,
and your curly red hair,
makes us hardly believe,
that you’ve been a year.

With antenna and large helmet,
…you’re walking through your garden.
Waves reach you very often,
and you’re their little warden.

On Mars, you live in peace,
only the general is bothering you.
He wants to have it all,
and has created a flu.

„Mayday, mayday,“ suddenly sparks it clear,
louder and louder, faster and faster.
A pleading voice calls out,
quieter and quieter, it‘s a disaster.

Beep, beep, the connection is broken.
Crack, crack, out of sound and still.
You crawling over the mountain,
and see him for the first time, your Bill.

All dusty and dirty,
landed in a groove.
His face is kind of edgy,
he almost didn’t move.

„I come from Earth.“
he speaks exhaustedly and discuss.
„There is a lonely emptiness.
Only a serum can heal us.“

You take Bill by the hand,
and help him up on his feet.
You show him your Mars country,
from the red Rock to the green leafs.

He continues reporting from the blue planet,
how man is judged and avoid.
A virus there, strong as weapons,
will all creatures destroyed.

Just a cat on Mars,
has the serum tied around his neck.
Held by the general as grub,
she is longholed under deck.

You’re going to the bad guy’s castle,
to save humanity from pain,
you are preventing the cat sacrifice,
and free her from the heavy chain.

After a long search and many ways,
you discovered the serum,
it didn’t help any begging, even pleading,
it was hidden by the general theorem.

At a brisk pace and in a hurry,
you jump back to the rocket,
the start into freedom,
with the serum in your pocket.

Arrived on Earth,
the serum is highly desired,
mankind has heard the miracle,
and the new age is on fire!

Maavi and Bill will be in charge,
to protect all beings in life,
they’ll dare new things,
and helping out of strife.


Posted on: 26. April 1020styx

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