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How to solve a repetition compulsion


Every one of us has been in a situation, that we have already experienced such similar ones or even lived through it several times. Whether it is always to get „the wrong“ person, to meet pejorative people, to be a victim of circumstances or just to be dismissed again and again and again.

What is a compulsion to repeat?

Nietzsche called it the eternal return. We repeat the same things over and over again. We are captured in a net of repetition. Psychology describes this as „being trapped“ or „turning around oneself“. Compulsion to repeat is a term defined by Sigmund Freud to justify the otherwise difficult to explain human impulse to repeat unpleasant or even painful thoughts, actions, dreams, games, scenes or situations.

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The No of the Others


We all live in a very surreal world right now. The borders are closed. We stay where we’re registered. We’re set back on ourselves. This Easter takes place in very small circles and the usual great family gatherings have been cancelled.

What is Easter about?

Sure Jesus died and three days later he rose again. They (the church institutions) also say that Jesus died on the cross for us.

I’ll leave it at that, otherwise we’ll end up in an endless chain of arguments and won’t pull out anything helpful for us today. Instead, I’ll look at this statement with you from a philosophical point of view.

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